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Attention: Bloggers, Course Creators, Coaches, Experts and More!

Customizable Scripts Make Email Marketing Easy

Save time and frustration when crafting your email broadcasts, automated sequences and more with high-quality fill-in-the-blank scripts!

Every Script is Written:

► From a First Person Perspective

Every script is written from the perspective of a single author: you, the expert!

► For Use in Any Niche

The Scripts can be used no matter your niche. You'll customize with your expertise!

► For Use in Any Email Software

The Scripts are delivered in two formats: PDF and Google Doc. Simply customize, then copy / paste into your own email marketing software!

► For Any Level of Business

No matter whether you're a beginner just getting started or an expert making more, you'll find The Scripts incredibly valuable!

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I've always wanted to launch a course idea with a webinar. But structuring my content within it makes me pull out my hair! So thank you for helping me finally get started.

— MT

These scripts helped me launch my course! I feel like I have everything figured out finally but I get stumped at writing emails so this welcome series saved me!! Thank YOU!!!

— KB

Great for sparking ideas. The New Year Outlook Scripts were great for sparking ideas, for giving me structures for great angles to approach my audience with.

— DM

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